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Choose your pricing plan

Keep your home or office clean at all times with our special offers

  • Standart Cleaning Plan

    Standard cleaning is a fundamental service aimed at maintaining the overall hygiene of your place.
    Valid for one week
    • Essential Hygiene Maintenance
    • Time and Energy Efficiency
    • Order and Comfort
  • Best Value

    Deep Cleaning Plan

    Deep cleaning is a thorough service targeting overlooked spaces, elevating hygiene standards.
    Valid for one week
    • Elevated Hygiene
    • Long-lasting Impact
    • Improved Air Quality
    • Health Prevention:
    • Increased Value
  • Extra Deep Plan

    Experience an unparalleled level of cleanliness with our Extra Deep Cleaning service!
    Valid for one week
    • Supreme Cleanliness
    • Intensive Care
    • Customized Precision
    • Enhanced Hygiene Measures
    • Extended Freshness
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